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Joe Town Rock Links

New Music Weekly on KKJO 105.5

Wanna hear your band on the raidio in St. Joe? Submit your music.

Homegrown Buzz on KRBZ 96.5

Local Music show for KC.

Lanham Music

Music store in Saint Joe.

Bass & Treble Music

Local Music Store.

Midland Empire Guide

Guide to Local Businesses, featuring St. Joe Live Music.

El Torreon

An all ages Night Club in Kansas City.

Daveys Uptown

This KC bar features local bands as well as national touring acts

Replay Lounge

The Replay Lounge in Lawrence Kansas.

The Zone

Another website for KC locals

Pipeline Productions

Find out concert info for the KC area.

Other Links

Taxi Music

Basicly an on line A&R service. Give it a shot.

CMJ Music Services

I think you HAVE to build a website using thier online sitebuilder in order to upload your MP3's. Not too familar with thees guys...

Stomping Ground

Basicly a collection of unsigned bands websites from around the world. Submitting your band is free, but it will take them awhile to list it.

IUMA Mucic Services

Another "Upload your music and get signed" website. It never hurts to submitt your music to more than one.

Submit your URL. Similar to Stomping Ground.


Upload your MP3s and a photo. Pretty cool service. JTR's mp3 page is hosted by

Band Radio

Lots of contacts and labels.

Hit Squad

Download CD Rippers, MP3 Encoders and all kinds of useful audio programs.

Cool Archive

Download fonts for your pc, backgrounds, generate logos, etc. Pretty cool site.