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Joe Town Rock Forums

Joe Town Rock Message Board/Chatroom
The message board, updated daily, has all the current topics concerning bands in the St Joseph scene. (And some not concerning much of anything...)
To create a free username and password, simply click on "Join". Some of the posts may be offensive. No type of language is censored.
As a moderator of this board, I will regularly delete any posts of an Anonymous or slanderous nature. In other words...Don't post Anonymous "Shit Talk." It will be deleted.
This scene belongs to all of us.
Admins/Mods: Ryan Beau Corey Tyler Steve Garner
Iron Fist Stylee

Scheduled Chat times are Friday nights from 11 P.M. untill 1 A.M. and Sunday nights at 10 P.M. during the New Music Weekly on KKJO 105.5